An Attorney Should Be Hired For Criminal Charges Or Traffic Violations In Virigina

Have you been arrested for a crime? If the answer is yes to this question, you should contact a Attorney. Crucial deadlines could be missed for filings in the court system or someone may spend more time in jail than necessary by not hiring a lawyer. A boating under the influence charge, also known as a BUI, is just as serious of a charge as a DUI or DWI. The defense for a BUI charge is similar to a DUI charge. The blood alcohol content of .08 is same limit in a DUI and BUI, and the penalties are just as strict. A conviction of a BUI can include a prison sentence of up to 12 months, a large fine and loss of your boating license for up to three years.

A Roanoke VA Traffic Lawyer can legally attack any flaws in the case. They will negotiate with the court to lessen charges against their client in certain situations. Demerit points are assigned for driving violations in Virginia. In addition, Virginia is a participant in the Driver’s License Compact. This agreement covers a five-state area. If someone receives a ticket in Virginia and lives out of state, they will need to pay the traffic ticket. If the ticket is not paid, Virginia can suspend the driver’s license of an out-of-state driver.

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If someone from another state wants to fight the charges, they don’t need to appear in person if they hire a Roanoke Traffic Lawyer. The lawyer can attend the court hearing for the individual and fight for their constitutional rights. They can defend an out-of-state individual for:


Stop sign violations.

Driving on a suspended license.

Leaving the scene of an accident.

And many others.

If someone is pulled over for suspicion of a DUI, they do not have to perform the tests on the side of the road. If someone is arrested and refuses to take the test at the police station, they could lose their license for an entire year. In addition, they will not be eligible to receive a restricted license. An experienced attorney will determine the merits of the case and the evidence against someone. If they believe an individual should take plea bargain, they will inform the individual. An experienced Roanoke Litigation and Trial Lawyer will never be afraid to take a case to court and fight for their client’s rights. They understand how a criminal charge can dramatically affect someone’s life.